Pre-teens (5-6 grade)

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5-6th graders are in a unique time in life.  They are neither children or youth.  At this time in life it is easy for them to grow tired of the Children's Ministry  while at the same time find themselves overwhelmed in the Youth Ministry.  They are not yet a teen, but they aren't little kids either.  That's why we developed the ROUTE 56 Ministry.  Our goal is to partner with parents to provide a roadmap for this age group as they begin to develop their own identity and make their own spiritual decisions.  Sooner than we realize they will no longer stand on the shoulders of their parent's faith, but will be called upon to own their relationship with God.  Our ministry to here to encourage and challenge them during this special transitional time of life.

TIME and LOCATION:  ROUTE 56 meets Sundays at 10:30am in room E-216 in the Educational Building.

LEADERS:  Adam Roberts and Weston Riddle
(For the protection of our students all those who work with minors have passed a national, state, and local background screening.)